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Jackson Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational services for 250-300, K-12 students in Southwest Alabama.  Jackson Academy strives to enrich students in developing positive self-concepts about the world and their own individual experiences in life while providing academic experiences that will enable them to meet or exceed national, state and local standards in core academic subjects.  The curriculum is based on national, Alabama State Department of Education, and local criteria for academic requirements and standards for improvement in school-to-career preparation.  At the same time, Jackson Academy attempts to promote a wholesome and moral environment so that our students will be able to reach their potential in all areas of academic and personal life challenges.  Jackson Academy seeks to fulfill the academic needs of all our children realizing that not all can learn best through traditional instruction.  Because it is our priority to nourish children fully, we seek to aid them in learning by using many learning styles.  We wish to offer our students a variety of learning experiences with diversified activities that can enhance the traditional teaching methods.  This concept prepares the youth of our school for work and life while concentrating on character education and providing for individual academic needs.  Jackson Academy is not required to nor does it adhere to the “Common Core” curriculum.